Best News, Oh August!

full time artist in August


This word has always sound like a whisper. It reminds me of the golden fields of harvest time from my childhood in Kansas. ...and it's a special time for me now because I have chosen to take a leap of faith. I have chosen to listen to that soft whisper within. To stand in my own light and to be true to myself. I've always known I was meant to be an artist even as a small child. But for whatever reason, I've never given myself the full permission to be one. But now is the time. The time I promised myself. To live the creative life I've always dreamed of. So I'm doing it. Taking a leap of faith. I've been doing all these creative musings on the side while working a full time job---a great job, mind you---but the whole time I've felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, torn between two lives. Not feeling that I was giving my all to either and really feeling exhausted and frustrated. I will be transitioning from my day job to being a full time artist and calligrapher this month. I am so incredibly grateful for the love and support of my significant other. My soul is filled with joy. My inner critic is scolding me about how impractical I am but it's okay. He'll quiet down soon enough. 

We are all of us stars and we deserve to twinkle - Marilyn Monroe 

Hello August! #calledtobecreative

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