New Class! Create a Realistic Portrait in Procreate!

Hello, My Creative Friends!
I've been so quiet these days. Sorry for not connecting more with you! I've been busy behind the scenes immersing myself fully into my artwork. In January, I began working in a new app called Procreate. It's a digital painting app for the iPad. I fell in love! For me, it's like a candy store for an artist because it has so many artistic brushes of all types.

I've also been honing my skills in portraiture work and decided to launch my first class on Skillshare! (See more of the details of the class below.) So I am inviting you to join me on Skillshare! As a Skillshare member, you'll get access to 25,000+ classes in design, business and more. If you choose to become a member by using this link, you can try Skillshare Premium free for 2 months!

More about my class! Explore how artist Kathy Glynn creates realistic portraits in Procreate. In her class, you’ll learn step-by-step how to use a photo reference to create a realistic portrait in Procreate. She will share with you the brushes and techniques she uses to create a realistic portrait that looks as though you sketched it on paper. This class is perfect for the beginner portrait artist who wants to know “how did they do that?” A basic knowledge of Procreate is all you need to get started. In the end, you will know the tools and the necessary steps to create your own realistic portrait.

In this class, I will share with you the brushes and techniques I use to create a realistic portrait that looks as though you sketched it on paper. I will take you step-by-step through my process of selecting a reference, sketching out the foundation, creating value and form, and adding paper texture to your portrait. I’ll also share tips on how you can import layers from previous studies, how to use layer masks, and how to use the smudge tool to create variation in value.

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I am an indie artist on  Minted holds various art and design challenges where voters in the Minted Community rate the best pieces in a highly competitive process. I submitted my artwork to the Walls That Wow: Minted X Pottery Barn Kids X Pbteen Round 3 Art Challenge.  My artwork was among 5400+ submissions from artists all over the world and I was so honored that my piece, "Hideaway Beach" was selected among the winning pieces!  It is available as part of Minted's Limited Edition collection.

In August, I released my newest collection of art prints, called "Bold Strokes." I enjoyed exploring new color combinations and expressing myself in bold brushstrokes. I hope you love them as much as I do. xo

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! I wish you a pumpkin-spiced fall!

Blessings to you!
Kathy xo

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Kathy Glynn