Make Art and Help the Earth

Hello creative friend!

I know I've been very quiet over the last few months.  I've been sort of hibernating and experimenting quietly in different art mediums.  Most recently, I've become quite enchanted with my new iPad and Apple pencil using ProCreate.  My sweet friend, Tam from Willowing Arts, invited me to participate in a fundraiser called Art for Earth.  And of course, I definitely wanted to participate because what better cause to contribute to than to the well-being of our planet.

So my creative friend, do you want to make art and help the earth at the same time?

Did you say yes? Well, then I have some wonderful news! Tam from Willowing Arts has been worried about climate change for a while now, and she wanted to make a meaningful difference/contribution to the 'fight against climate change'.

Art for Earth

This is how the Art for Earth Project was born!

Tam collected together more than 45 amazing mixed media artists who have all contributed one or more art resources (like an art course, e-book, printable PDF or other items) to the Art for Earth Package! It contains more than 75+ amazing art resources including some brand new courses that have not been published before! These courses were especially created for this package deal.  My new course, "Walk Gently Upon the Earth: Create a Papercut Effect in ProCreate" is a digital workshop for iPad on ProCreate. I have always loved the beautiful art of papercutting and I recently learned how to create this papercut effect using ProCreate on my iPad with my Apple Pencil.  It's really so simple so I wanted to share this fun and simple technique with you!  My new course is only available as part of Art for EarthAs a bonus, you will receive the “Walk Gently Upon the Earth” High-Resolution Art Print (for personal use only) as a printable download. To see a complete list of all the products in this package click here!

The Art for Earth Package is valued at more than £2900+ GBP (~$3795 USD), but will be sold for only £75 GBP (~$99 USD)! It will be on sale for 7 days only and get this, 25% of all sales will go to an amazing organization that helps improve our climate. They are called Tree Sisters and they are a group of women spread out all over the world with a mission to plant trees and a focus on tropical reforestation.

Vision & Mission of Tree Sisters:

TreeSisters exists to elicit collective responsibility for planetary restoration at the grassroots level with a focus on women and tropical reforestation. We are growing a global network of women who donate monthly to fund the acceleration of tropical reforestation as an expression of collective planetary care.

We channel 80% of member donations to exemplary existing reforestation organizations in the tropics with whom we partner to restore ecosystems. The remaining 20% funds our behavior change and consciousness shift work with women to reinstate feminine leadership and normalize collective ownership of planetary restoration.

This package contains fabulous art resources by some of the most popular mixed media teachers in our community! I hope you'll purchase this wonderful package of awesome art goodies and  help the earth while making art! 

Make Art for Earth! Thank you so much! xo

Love, Kathy 

PS. This is the list of all the products that are included in the Art for Earth Package! So much goodness! 

1. NEW - “Mother Nature” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) by Tamara Laporte

2. NEW - “Beautiful Bugs” (Bonus) (Mixed Media Art Workshop) by Tamara Laporte

3. “Tell It: Collage” (Collage Art Class) with Liz Lamoreux

4. “She Blooms in Ink” (7 week Mixed Media & Inks Art Workshop) by Tamara Laporte

5. “On A Men Hunt” (Online Mixed Media Art Workshop) by Muriel Stegers

6. "Fearless Expression" (Mixed Media Art Workshop) by Annie Hamman

7. NEW “Flamingo Love” (Watercolour Class) with Sally Walsh from Sillier Than Sally

8. “Facing Forward 1” (Mixed Media Art Journalling Workshop) with Effy Wild

9. “Luscious Landscapes” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tracy Verdugo

10. “Be Humble/Be Noble” (A Watercolor Art Workshop) with Sarah Trumpp

11. “Real Time Live with Flora Bowley” (Live Streamed Painting Class)

12. “Faux Encaustics Spring Fling” (An Encausting Workshop) with Dena Adams

13. “Gratitude Journaling 101” (An Art Journalling Workshop) with Kiala Givehand

14. “Birthday Cake” (A Painting Workshop) with Janet Skates

15. “A Walk Down Cherry Street” (A Painting Workshop) with Janet Skates

16. “Lesson 1” (A Painting Workshop) with Janet Skates

17. “Imprinted” (A Gelli Printing Workshop) with Lucy Brydon

18. “Whimsical Watercolors - PAWfect Furry Friends Online Class” with Andrea Gomoll

19. “Earth’s Mother, Mixed Media Art Class” with Melanie Rivers

20. “The Gilded Brush” (A Workshop Inspired by Gustav Klimt) with Ivy Newport

21. “Where Once Was Water” (An Expressive Figurative Painting) with Emma Petitt

22. “Bountiful” Bonus (A Mixed Media Art Class) with Emma Petitt

23. “The Emergency Kit for Artists + Dreamers” with Andrea Schroeder

24. “The Banishing Fairy” (A Mixed Media Art Class) with Renata Loree

25. “Facing Forward 2” (Mixed Media Art Journalling Workshop) with Effy Wild

26. “Remember my song” High Resolution Printable by Annie Hamman

27. "The Secret to Lighting Up Your Life" (Art Journalling Workshop) with Whitney Freya

28. “Weird, Wordy Watercolors” (A Watercolor Art Workshop) with Sarah Trumpp

29. "Rise Above the Master Class" (A Self Coaching Painting Process with Whitney Freya

30. "Paint Buddha" (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Whitney Freya

31. “The 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge” with Whitney Freya

32. “Abstract by Design” (Creating Abstract Art) with Ivy Newport

33. “The Magic Forest” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Cristin Chambers

34. “The Princess and the Pea” (A Painting Workshop) with Janet Skates

35. “You Will Find Your Way” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Toni Burt

36. NEW - "I wish, I wish..." (Watercolor and Mixed Media art class) with Mandy van Goeije

37. NEW - "From Wishes to Needs" (Watercolor and Mixed Media art class) with Mandy van Goeije

38. NEW “The Little Big World” bonus e-book by Mandy van Goeije

39. “Between Shadow & Light” (A Portrait Class) with Ivy Newport

40. “Matisse vs Picasso” (Oil or Acrylics Art Class) with Lucy Chen

41. “heART the Earth Printable Coloring Page & Artprint” by Andrea Gomoll

42. “Soulful Shapes” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tamara Laporte

43. “Reflect and Reclaim Your Creative Freedom - 5 Amazing Art Journaling Lessons for Your Heart” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tiare Smith

44. “Seeds of Love” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tamara Laporte

45. “Soup du Jour” (A Painting Workshop) with Janet Skates

46. “I Spy” (A Collage Workshop) with Janet Skates

47. “Fly, Be Free!” (An Abstract Art Workshop) with Janet Skates

48. “Wild Wonder” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Annamieka Davidson

49. “Abundance” High Resolution Printable by Annie Hamman

50. “Drawing Frida - A Pastel Portrait Workshop” with Juna Biagioni

51. NEW - Woodland Magic" (Acrylics Art Workshop) with Katrina Koltes

52. “Woven Dreams” (A Fiber Art Workshop) with Laly Mille

53. “Creative Abundance Guidebook” (E-Book) with Shelley Klammer

54. “Wax On” (Encaustic Monoprints and Watercolor) with Wyanne Thompson

55. “Book of Flow ...and so it continues” (Art Journaling E-course) with Jenny Grant

56. NEW “Doll Dreams - Digital coloring book with 15 images” (Colouring Book PDF) by Ady Almanza

57. “Magic Woman” High Resolution Art Print by Ady Almanza

58. “Layered Mandala” (Mixed Media Painting Workshop) with Faith Evans-Sills

59. “Leaf Painting Workshop” with Faith Evans-Sills

60. “Boho Walking” Retro ~60s-70s Art Class (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Pamela Vosseller

61. "The 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge" (Meditation & Watercolour Workshop with Whitney Freya

62. “Painting the Muse” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Alena Hennessy

63. “Transparendipity" (Art Journaling Workshop) with France Papillon

64. “Autumn Fairy” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tamara Laporte

65. “Fall by the River” Mixed Media Landscape Workshop) with Roberta Laliberte

66. NEW “Create a Papercut Effect in Procreate” (Digital Workshop for iPad on ProCreate) with Kathy Glynn

67. “Smallest Acts of Kindness” High Resolution Printable by Annie Hamman

68. “A Doll Story” (Learn How to Create Cloth Dolls Online Class) with Danita Art

69. “Mother Nature” High Resolution Art Print (for personal use) by Tamara Laporte

70. “Nature Collage Sheet” High Resolution PDF by Tamara Laporte

71. “Compassionate Flow: Deer Girl” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tamara Laporte

72. “Art Journaling & Mixed Media e-course” with Marieke Blokland

73. “Walk Gently Upon the Earth” High Resolution Art Print (for personal use) by Kathy Glynn

74. NEW “Cute Monster Mini Class” (Mixed Media Course in E-book + Video) by Marielle Stolp

75. “Printable Collage Sheet”A collage sheet with cute girlies that can be used in a planner or bullet journal or for card making by Marielle Stolp

76. “A Heart Full of Happy (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tamara Laporte

77. “A Walk Down Cherry Street” (A Painting Workshop) with Janet Skates

78. “Daring Adventures in Collage ” (Online Collage Workshop) with Mati Rose McDonough

79. “Starry Eyed” (Large Scale Painting) with Stephen Lursen

80. “Painted Backgrounds” Printable Mixed Media Collage sheets by Marieke Blokland

81. “Beautiful Bumble Bee” High Resolution Art Print (for personal use) by Tamara Laporte

82. “Our Lady of Abundance” with Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici

83. “A Portrait Course Inspired by Henri Toulouse Lautrec (Mixed Media Art) with Lauren Rudolph

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